Newest Chefs In Black & White Comic:

Newest Chefs In Black & White comic
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Newest Vol 2. Comic

Chefs In Black: Quetzalcoatl Quiche cover

Is the world going to end? Will it be really nasty if it does? (16 pages, full color)

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Chefs In Black

Series Premise

The free webcomic Chefs In Black is a modern adaptation of the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh although we took many liberties with the story. It follows the adventures of chefs Chops, Burns, and their illegal Mexican-Cyclops imigrant Jorge as they catch and serve mythological creatures in their restaurant named The Sausage Fest.

Update Schedule

We've been a bit erratic on updates lately, but in general, you can expect Chefs In Black & White every other Freya's Day. There will be a bit of a delay after "Midgit Meatloaf" concludes in order to get caught up. The next full-length comic will be released around December 20th, in time for the end of the world.